We are a family company born from the flavor that a previous generation shared with us. We fell so in love with the flavor, that we want to bring it to everyone.

  • 80’s

    Bobba Gran’s delicious baking

    She cooks her delicious pancakes and says to her grandaughter, Laura, that the secret is the vanilla.

  • 2013

    We find the vanilla flavor

    On a trip to Mexico, Laura finds the Vanilla extract that has the same flavor as Bobba Gran’s Vanilla.


  • June 2019

    We start Bobba Gran’s Vanilla

    Laura and Jack Greene, grandaughter & son of Bobba Gran, found Bobba Gran’s Vanilla LLC.

  • September 2019

    Bobbagrans.com is live

    Our online store is up and running and we are ready to share this delicious Mexican Vanilla flavor.

    September 2019